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Dungeons & Dragons

The definitive fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

  • Online via Zoom

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Embark upon a fantastical adventure across the many realms of D&D. Tavern brawls, goblin ambushes, long lost dungeons and general mischief are the order of the day as you take upon the mantle of mighty heroes saving the day and entering into legend. Whether this is a one off jaunt into misadventure, or part of a larger story you have purchased as a pack, you will be presented with the option of playing a pre-made character if you’re new to all of this, or creating your own beforehand. No experience is needed, all you need to get started is a computer with a webcam and a sense of whimsy and adventure. Come the time, our storyteller will meet you in the zoom call and whisk you away to a world in need of heroes where you will face insurmountable odds. You never know, you may even live to tell the tale.

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