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Cyderpunk 2121

Dangerous contracts in a gritty, bizarre future version of Bristol

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In the neon drenched future of 2121, the city of Bristol has undergone great change. Weird has seeped into the world, making the unfathomable a part of the every day, and danger is never far away. Take on the role of bounty hunters in Brizzle as you complete dangerous contracts in a distant yet familiar future. You’ll battle the dragon of the arches, negotiate with the mutants of Keynsham and help the oppressed masses overthrow the Hag of Henleaze. Goofy, silly and a little bit of home, you will come to realise that magic is around every corner of the city, you just haven’t noticed it yet. A gert lush system with simple rules that are quick to pick up, Cyderpunk rewards storytelling and creative collaboration. So strap on your iron and remember to say cheers drive, its about to get wild me luvvers.

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