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Single gaming sessions

In the world of tabletop gaming; a one-shot is a short, self-contained adventure played in a single session. It's the best way to jump straight in and play a game like Dungeons and Dragons together, especially for beginners looking to start their adventuring careers.

No travel. No prep. No stress.  

Firefly fantasy dusty delivery parcel in the back of an old shop with wizard things around

Example story

Abandon your post

Single session adventure for beginners


Another pothole in the road catapults the cart up into the air once more, sending both luggage and unlucky passengers flying.

"Sorry 'bout that one!" comes the cheery voice of the goblin driver as she continues to happily crash her way along the dirt road leading to the city. 

The package you have been asked to take to the wizard seems unharmed. It also seems to be changing shape and size when you aren't watching it, which is more than a little unnerving. But 100 gold pieces and "no questions asked" means all you need to do is get it delivered and then it'll be someone else's problem.

Well, that was the plan. Until it suddenly became, very much, your problem...

Take on a group of curious adventurers who discover why wizard post is done mostly by owls these days. It is your job to ensure the package arrives safely at it's destination, despite the best efforts of fate, marauding bandits and your own temptation to take a peek. Then there's the small matter of who is going to sign for the magical delivery...

The tale is in your hands. Will the parcel arrive safely? Or do you steal it and have to escape the vengeful wizard awaiting his package? Does someone eat it? Probably yes. Anything can happen when adventurers are involved.

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